cesspool service

Do you need our cesspool service? No matter what your warning signs are:

* Slow Draining Sinks
* Toilet Not Flushing Complete and Strong
* Gurgling Sinks
* Plumbing Back-ups
* Sewage Odors

I can handle your cesspool service problem in a neat, clean (I treat your property as if it was my own) fashion … and at a reasonable cost. Remember, your home is probably your biggest investment, take good care of it.

We handle any sewage / drain problems:

• Hydro Jetting Specialists

• High Power Aeration

• Chemical Treatment

• Septic Tanks Pumped (If you want it done right, cover must be dug up and solids removed)

• Enzyme treatment

• Sewer & Drain Cleaning

• Sinks & Tubs

• Toilets

• Grease Traps

• High Velocity Water Jetting

• Dry Well Specialists

• Dig Ups And Repair Of Broken Lines

• New System Installations

• Covers Found Electronically

Please give us a call when you are ready:


631-484-3709 (cell)



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